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 e-Office New Features Guidelines

In  the spirit of democratic governance, revolutionary policies and visionary approach, present government of Pakistan is giving very high priority to information and communications technology (ICT) sector, particularly e-Government system in the country. In this regard National Information Technology Board (NITB), on directive of senior management of MoIT, is aggressively pursuing the role-out of e-Office Suite in the Federal Government to ensure efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness, good governance, transparency, and accountability in decision making and delivery of efficient and cost effective public services to citizens of Pakistan.Moreover, NITB has clearly defined the goals and target and formulated different teams to complete the task on fast track basis and for optimal utilization of NITB human resource.

  • Improve availability of data by utilization of technology and information systems in disposal of day to day business of the Ministries and administrative processes.

  • Improve inter communication of Ministries.

  • Promote automated solutions, such as document imaging and workflow to create a more dynamic workplace and decrease obstacles in completing tasks. Better Utilization & Management of Human Resource.

  • Creation of integrated system for improved reporting and efficiency Streamline business processes and workflows

  • Reduce need for paper forms

  • Provide increased and improved web access and self service for employees

  • Enhance information sharing across departments

  • Reduce redundant data entry and processes

  • Technology and Infrastructure Benefits

  • Eliminate dependency on legacy system technologies.

  • Establish a high level of system integration.

  • Provide 24x7 system availability.

The scope and objective of the project is to customize and implement the Basic Common Applications (E-Office) throughout Federal Government of Pakistan

The portfolio of applications (e-Office – 6 modules) cover core activities of a line Ministry/Division of Federal Government and are, therefore, common to almost all Federal Government agencies. The same is true even for departments/entities at provincial level as well. This system provides its users with a user-friendly interface to work with and enables them to efficiently dispose off official business. The brief overview of these modules is as follows:-

Internal Communication is the core module and all other modules are virtually integrated with this application. It is mode of communication between all officials within the Ministries/ Divisions. It includes receipt of documents and files from internal/external entities, their movement within the ministry, and dispatch of documents and files from the ministry. 
It is broadly divided in two sub modules.

  • Receive and Issue system

  • File Management system. 

In this module personal files of the staff and officers are transferred to the automated system. All human resource related processes like leave management, training, appraisals, promotion, disciplinary action, honorarium, ACR‘s and transfer In/Out are covered by this module. In addition to that user workflows for new job creation and recruitment process are also automated. This module has following sub-modules:

  • Management of Personal Files of Officers and Staff

  • Leave Management 

  • Internal /Domestic Trainings Management

  • Recruitment/Notification Management

  • Transfer In/ Transfer Out Management

  • ncentives / Honorarium Management

Inventory and Procurement module deals with the processes from requisition of an item to its acquisition from the store. It will automate the user workflows for requisition / procurement, inventory In/Out, stock maintenance and auction process. It is broadly divided in following sub modules.

  • Requisition/ Procurement Process

  • Inventory In Process– Goods received

  • Inventory Out Process – Issuance of goods

  • Stock Maintenance

  • Auction Process

The goal of this module is to automate the activities carried out in different projects of the ministries. The system deals with the automation of the PC-I, PC-II preparation and approval process, fund release requests, admin approvals, peer reviews and monitoring of the projects. This module comprises of following sub-modules:

  • Preparation & Administration of PC-I, PC-II, PC-III, PC-IV, PC-V

  • Fund Release Requests Management

  • Administrative Approvals Management

  • Minutes of Meeting Management


Finance Planning and Budgeting System is primarily developed for managing budgets and expenses of the individual Ministries/Divisions. The module covers areas from preparation of line Ministry/Division’s budgeting till accounts reconciliation and ledgers management. The prepared budget will be provided to Ministry of Finance, Budget Wing for consolidation of GoP’s budget. 
         Finance Planning and Budgeting system comprises of following sub modules:

  • Budget Management

  • Expense Management

  • Financial Management

  • The Finance Planning and Budgeting system will enable users at the Ministry to:

  • Prepare a budget for development activities

  • Prepare a budget for non-development activities

  • Initiate the budget approval process within the Ministry

  • Adjust budgeted figures

  • Manage expenditures

  • Reconcile accounts with the Accountant General of Pakistan Revenue (AGPR)

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