NITB offers well-planned public sector consultancy and advisory services to help government organizations improve efficiency.

The Need for IT Consultancy Services for Government organization

Consultancy services are vital for the success of government departments and Ministries to help them perform their tasks optimally. Consultants are able to analyze and identify complex operational problems and offer strategic solutions to public sector organizations to specifically allow public organizations to achieve their goals.

How NITB’s Advisory and Consultancy Services Improves Public Sector Performance

National Information Technology Board NITB is offering professional consulting and advisory services to government organizations and Federal Ministries by offering impeccable technical support and advisory services to help them digitally transform their operation. Advisory comprises of an innovative team of professionals by engaging domain-specific technical experts to evaluate the technical issues of the clients and guide the client organizations towards a path of prosperity.

NITB’s skilled IT experts examine and evaluate the tasks and formulate a technical solution that can be attained or procured through engaging a third-party vendor or principle or private sector industry through a tendering process.