NITB facilitates the Government Departments regarding managing IT Serves to provide a backbone for securing, storing, updating, and accessing the vital data.

The federal government collects data for assisting every department including energy, transportation, climate change, health, finance and security. NITB acts as a backbone for the federal government and it provides a secure data platform to meet the core requirements of the modern digital government. In addition, it maintains and manages all public and private information in the most efficient and effective manner so that the federal government and the ministries operate smoothly without any fear of data loss, mismanagement, damage, and cyber-attack. 

NITB's team of specialists is skilled in handling all kinds of complex data to help improve the government's performance, accountability, and transparency. NITB has introduced E-office system that replaces all paper files with electronic files to improve efficiency, reduce errors, improve transparency, and lower costs in the Ministries and the government department.