NITB is dedicated to managing the security of critical infrastructure with the help of IT experts to help Ministries and the Government Divisions protect their data against cyber-attacks and security threats.

Cybersecurity professionals of NITB are working hard to protect computers, databases, programs, systems, and networks from unauthorized access, attack, change or destruction. The ministries, government organizations, and policymakers need E-Government service; capital markets, corporations, and other businesses collect, processes, and store a huge amount of confidential information on computer systems and transmit those statistics over the internet for professional responsibilities. Any serious cyber threat may damage or prevent the essential ICT services including E-Government websites, Stock exchanges, Mobile banking, and money transfer services to work smoothly which has a severe impact on the performance of government services.

In this scenario, NITB is stepping ahead by taking key initiatives and essential steps to help organizations integrate information technology services into their infrastructures. NITB possesses the most state-of-the-art solutions for penetration testing, infrastructure security analysis, network technology evaluation, and vulnerability remediation. In addition, NITB’s IT experts are proficient at application security and testing both computers and smart devices. We also have a Design Review (DR) Practice, which is focused on the assessment of software layout and architecture for security-related issues. Also, IT professionals use sourcecode analysis and deliver managed application security services.