NITB is committed to assist the government to develop a harmonized national IT structure and to promote the widespread use of IT applications in both public and private sectors to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

Information technology today drives the technological and economic advancement of the developed as well as the emerging economies. A number of initiatives have accordingly been taken in the recent past to provide a sharper and clearer focus to the IT sector. The objective of IT policy is to bind the potential of information technology and act as a key contributor to the development of Pakistan. As per National IT policy, the government will be able to provide maximum opportunities to the private sector to contribute positively to the development of IT in Pakistan and develop trained IT manpower to meet the local and export requirements.

NITB is fully aware of IT being the driving force in the new millennium. NITB will not only facilitate the government in the implementation of national IT policy but also take necessary measures for the growth and development of the IT sector. NITB will assist the government to develop a legislative framework for IT-related issues, set up a reliable and secure national database, promote the use of IT applications in Ministries and government departments and organize and provide IT training programs. Moreover, NITB will assist the IT & T Division and other government bodies in the identification and materialization of IT projects within the specific areas.