NITB facilitates Federal Ministries in the successful implementation of e-governance programs with the aim of improving information and service delivery, efficiency, and transparency.

E-governance is the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into the government system to make the working processes efficient, accessible, and convenient. Pakistan is gradually moving towards the path of implementation of e-governance to increase the coverage and quality of information and services provided to the general public using ICT in a simple, economical, and cost-effective manner.

NITB facilitates the Federal Ministries and Divisions to implement e-governance programs that aim to enhance the government's ability to address the needs of citizens across Pakistan. By simplifying the access and delivery of services, dissemination of information, and communication in a fast and effective manner, NITB ensures that e-governance programs are result-oriented, cost-effective, and efficient. We provide technical assistance to all the projects with the high-quality standards, unique ideas, and compliance required for software development and its deployment. In addition, NITB identifies and proposes specific measures for the processes which need automation to enable better and improved delivery to the citizens of Pakistan.