Employees Welfare

Staff Welfare Organization (SWO) is an Attached Department of Establishment Division. SWO is mandated to ameliorate the economic, social and psychological needs of the Federal Government civil servants, especially the low paid employees and their families.

These services include award of scholarships to the children of civil servants, provision of rehabilitation aid, Multipurpose Community Centers at the heart of lslamabad and at the provincial capitals, imparting soft skills/professional training aimed at.iob placements/independent self employed through a country-wide network of Trade/ vocational Training Centers, Ladies Industrial Homes, wedding halls, auditoriums. Hostel for Federal Government Female Employees (Civil Servants), financial assistance. facilitation through ambulance, mortuary van and recreational facilities. 

To know more about welfare schemes for the Federal Government civil servants and their details please visit  https://swo.gov.pk/.