On 24 Spetember’19, NITB along with FACEBOOK hosted a workshop on ‘connecting with Communities: Social Media for Government 2019’

On 24 Spetember’19, a workshop ‘Connecting with Communities: Social Media for Government 2019’ was organized by NITB along with Facebook in Islamabad. The workshop was organized specially for government officials in Pakistan by NITB. All the ministries nominated their focal persons for this workshop. The workshop was conducted by the Speakers from Facebook, Mr. Roy Tan- The Politics & Government Outreach, Manager for Asia-Pacific, Mr. Sarim Aziz- the Head of Public Policy for Facebook Pakistan, Mr. Imran Ghazali The Digital Media Strategist, Clean Green Pakistan.

The main purpose of the event was to highlight the importance of digital media in today’s world and how effectively governments can use it to keep the citizens engaged and give them authentic information. As we know Pakistan have successfully used social media, so it is equally important for government to engage on social media to help create an informed community in Pakistan and to organize digital media assets as it will provide an opportunity for the government to have an authentic voice and show the positive side of Pakistan to the world.

The workshop saw good attendance with participants from 45 ministries. Focal persons from all ministries were present to get training on digital media and social media management and made this event a success and also gained valuable insights