Digitization of Kamyab Jawan for Youth Betterment

NITB Projects

Prime Minister Youth Pulse Programme aims at uplifting the youth’s morale by offering them loan opportunities to maximize their entrepreneurial potential contribution to the country’s economic growth.


Kamyab Jawan foresees building institutional synergies and collaborations for promoting gender equality, rights-based youth empowerment, and development. This program portrays the Government’s firm determination to improve the market opportunities for the youth and restore their energies for boosting their success to help them regain confidence.

For making the government’s dream come true, NITB plays a dynamic role in developing and maintaining Kamyab Jawan portal. NITB offers its matchless technological assistance along with its expertise of the technical team to date. From the development of the portal to the well-timed maintenance, NITB is always readily available to cater to any queries to avoid any server delays.

How it works?

Through this portal, Loans can be availed for setting up small businesses or expansion of existing businesses. All eligible individuals can apply for a loan of Rs. 5,000,000/- by simply contacting the assigned online portal (announced by GOP) or seeking out for assistance from all volunteered banks such as the National Bank of Pakistan, The Bank of Khyber, and The Bank of Punjab. However, no other mechanism for submitting the application other than through a designated online portal designed by NITB is available.

Also, the citizens must read the eligibility criteria for applying for a loan on this portal to avoid any hassle or confusion during the registration process.