NITB's E-Office - A Legacy of Success

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In 2007, Pakistan embarked on a digital transformation journey with the introduction of e-Office, a complete digital workplace solution for facilitating electronic administration, monitoring, and intelligent decision-making, to facilitate the smooth processing of documents within an organization. Widely adopted across 245 ministries and departments, our platform has been instrumental in driving efficiency and transparency in electronic administration.

Why E-Office?

  • Increased efficiency: e-Office eliminates the need for manual handling of files and documents, streamlining workflows and reducing processing times.

  • Enhanced transparency: e-Office provides real-time visibility into the status of files and documents, fostering transparency and accountability.

  • Cost-effective: e-Office reduces the need for paper, printing, and other physical resources, leading to significant cost savings.

  • Improved data security: e-Office implements robust security measures to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

  • Better collaboration: e-Office facilitates seamless collaboration between employees, regardless of their location, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

E-Office web version:

The new web version of e-Office builds on this strong foundation laid in 2007, incorporating innovative features to further enhance user experience and productivity. 

  • Digital signature support for notes and documents
  • Voice-based input for notes
  • Urdu language support for notes and documents
  • Executive dashboard for senior management
  • User-based conversation feature
  • Designation-based group view of notes with color coding
  • Enhanced search mechanism
  • Organization-based QR code generation with customizable fields
  • On-screen view of attachment contents in the notes screen
  • Activity monitoring, application runtime activity, and comprehensive reporting features
NITB's e-Office web version is a powerful tool for empowering government agencies and businesses to embrace digital transformation and achieve their goals. E-Office has played a transformative role in modernizing the Pakistani government and improving the delivery of public services

E-Office Levels

  • Level 1 = Ministry has access to e-Office / connected with NTC Datacenter.
  • Level 2 = Ministry start e-Office and move at least one file / Doc from section to Secretary / Minister Level    by using e-Office
  • Level 3 = Ministry stop manual work and move all Necessary files/ Doc, on e-Office
  • Level 4 = All attached departments of the Ministry move files / Doc via e-office, and the Ministry Moves all Correspondence outside the organization via e-Office



Ministries & Departments on E-Office Nationwide


E-Office Modules:

E-Office has six modules in total:


  1. Internal Communication Portal for office orders and notifications in federal ministries and divisions

  2. Financial Planning and Budgeting is primarily developed for managing budgets and expenses of the individual Ministries/Divisions

  3. Project Management deals with the automation of the PC-I, and PC-II preparation and approval process, fund release requests, admin approvals, peer reviews, and monitoring of the projects

  4. Human Resource Management deals with all HR-related processes like leave management, training, appraisals, promotion, disciplinary action, honorarium, ACR‘s and transfer in/out are covered by this module

  5. Inventory and Procurement deal with the processes from the requisition of an item to its acquisition from the store. It will automate the user workflows for requisition, procurement, inventory in/Out, stock maintenance, and auction process

  6. Internal Portal Acts as an internal portal for various organizational needs. Could serve as a central hub for accessing different modules, providing a unified interface for users.