Automation & Monitorization Portal For Ehsaas Program

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Ehsaas program aims for eliminating discrimination, poverty, and inequality from the society and capitalizes on utilizing the human resources to elevate the lagging districts nation-wide.


Ehsaas Program is a true reflection of the empathetic goals of the current government to help the common people of Pakistan achieve significant progress. NITB is privileged to support the government’s goal by making a diligent contribution in Ehsaas program. This program holistically aims to transform the country into a welfare state” by utilizing the most advanced technologies for the success of Ehsaas Program.

NITB is dynamically involved in developing a robust plan to provide scrutinizing tools for Ehsaas Program. In addition, NITB also plays a pivotal role in providing timely services for prompt solutions required for the user convenience for a longer-term. NITB’s expert teams also take the leading role by delivering efficient technical guidance for Ehsaas Program.