About Us

National Information Technology Board

The National Information Technology Board is a consulting team of coordinated designers, developers, engineers, research writers, and management experts who bring design-led innovations and solutions to help the government departments thrive. Our digital thoughts leadership and advanced software practices result in sophisticated development and delivery of IT services, technologies, and apps to convert the public departments into well-managed digital organizations.


  • A vibrant team-oriented work culture
  • Holistic and competitive beliefs
  • Superior code of ethics
  • Integrity, quality, compliance, and innovation.
  • Deadline-oriented and prompt service delivery
  • Perpetual growth opportunities


Our leading professionals invest resources and knowledge to solve the pressing technical issues of clients. We facilitate public offices and government departments to create a much-needed change. The NITB helps clients to progress in the right direction by incorporating digitization and automation into government processes which can enhance their capabilities to serve Pakistani citizens efficiently.

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Baber Majid Bhatti

Chief Executive Officer, NITB

Plot 24-B, Street# 6, H-9/1, Islamabad

Mr. Muhammad Riaz
PS to Executive Director
email: m.riaz@nitb.gov.pk
Phone No: 051-9265375
Fax: 051-9265376

Senior Management

Mr. Suhail Muhammad Khan
Director General (SP&CS)

email: suhail.khan@nitb.gov.pk
Ms. Maria Khan, APS TO DG(SP&CS)
Phone: 051-9265059
email: maria.nosheen@nitb.gov.pk

DG Admin
Mohammed Imran Hyder
Director General (Admin)

email: imran.hyder@nitb.gov.pk
Mr. Azam Khan, APS to DG (Admin )
Phone: 051-9265061
email: mazam@nitb.gov.pk

Director (F & A)
Mr. Aslam Lashari
Director (F & A)

Plot 24-B, Street# 6, H-9/1, Islamabad
Phone: 051-9265242
email: aslam_lashari@nitb.gov.pk

 Director Consultancy
Mr. Imran Maqsood
Director Consultancy

Plot 24-B, Street# 6, H-9/1, Islamabad
Phone: 051-9265057
email: imran.maqsood@nitb.gov.pk

 Director IT & DS
Hafiz javed Ahmad
Director IT & DS

Plot 24-B, Street# 6, H-9/1, Islamabad
Phone: 051-9265047
email: hafiz.javed@nitb.gov.pk

 Director Infra
Mr. Ahtisham Masood
Director Infra

Plot 24-B, Street# 6, H-9/1, Islamabad
Phone: 051-9265044
email: ahtisham.masood@nitb.gov.pk